Who are the successful entrepreneurs (IITians) in the field of deep learning or machine learning?

Hi as far as I know… I can name four successful entrepreneur IITians in the field of Machine learning, Artificial intelligence and Deep Learning field…

Machine Learning - Entrepreneur
  1. Deepti Chopra, BTech IIT Gandhinagar in Electrical Engineering Co-founder of (Adaface)… A platform used to assess the good candidates for companies by using Machine learning and AI…
Machine Learning - Entrepreneur

2) Swapnil Jain, BTech IIT Delhi Computer Science Engineering, IIT JEE rank 94… Worked at Twitter… But now a CEO of startup

3) Tarun Mehta and Swapnil Jain BTech IIT Madras in Engineering Design founder of Ather Energy (Electrical Vehicle Company) they are also using Machine learning in Data Science.

Machine Learning - Entrepreneur

So I know these 4 who are successfully running there start-ups …

Hopefully, You enjoyed reading…

Exciting Entrepreneurial prospects in Machine Learning

“Machine Learning has the potential to help create a utopian world without any disease, crime, and poverty,” states Yogesh Bhatt who is Vice President at Bengaluru-based Manipal Prolearn; a unit of Manipal Global Education Services.

This is substantiated when we consider the fact that data scientists today have been working at the heart of societal issues in domains healthcare and medicine; which are undoubtedly in a definite need for disruption.

Specifically, Machine Learning is now driving doctors through predictive analytics; towards aspects such as enhancing the success rates when it comes to diagnosing and treating life threatening ailments such as clinical depression and cancer.

These aspects potentially provide exciting prospects for entrepreneurs, to come up with models driven by ML, as there practically (not theoretically) exists opportunity for impact to introduce positive changes in the lives of people.

The best societal impact to think of is healthcare in India which has continued to see dismal trends. Its with respect to reachability to people and even actual diagnosis and treatment of ailments.