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What are some of the best life tips?

What are some of the best life tips?

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Rakshith Akira

Rakshith Akira, A sensible writerUpdated Jun 9, 2018


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1. Professional tip.

Indian parents believe there are only 2 professions in the world which get’s good money and respect. You guessed it right!

Doctors and engineers.

85% of engineers opted engineering just because of their parent’s pressure, society pressure, social status or inspired by 3 idiots.

Engineering, Soft skills, Aptitude, Reasoning, Seminars and mock up interview. Aren’t they preparing you to become a corporate slave?

No one motivates you or trains you to become rich, but everyone trains you to be the slave. It’s you, who should dig your own treasure.

Do what you like not what your parents like you to do. You got the life and enjoy it. There are a lot of people, who are illiterate earning 6 digits today. Come out that bloody myth of engineering and medical. Follow your dreams.

A prostitute earns money by selling herself for few hours just because for money, at the same time she doesn’t like her profession at all. Then what’s the difference between you and her? Holding some career which you don’t like. Are you holding that bloody career just because of money? Think once and read this twice. There is a difference between you and prostitute

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