How do I use SEO for traffic?

Uses of SEO Traffic

SEO is a very slow and steady process, If you do work on a daily basis, you will surely get the desired result, but, keep penitence and Be loyal towards your work. It takes some time to show the result. As Google is changing their algorithms day by day, so keep updated with MoZ, Searchenginesland to your knowledge.


There are two types of Motto behind SEO

Conversion Rate Via Traffic.
Ranking Factor
Most of the person need only the Conversion rate on their website. Here, traffic play vital role. To gain the high quality of traffic on the website. We have to concentrate on the Following thing

Content on the Website: This is the most important factor for the website because content is the king. You must optimized your content with saturated keywords and LSI based keywords. Total content should be maintenance keywords density. Website should be content reach.
Website Structure: The bounce rate is the factor which, improve the conversion rate or traffic on the website. So, make your website responsive and eye catching to maintained bounce rate
On Page SEO: This factor help in both to gain the Ranking and website traffic for any website. Make your website highly optimized with H1 Tag , ALT Tags, Meta Tags, Author Tag, Keywords Cloud and more. Placed your highly saturated keywords into the H1 and Alt Tags. Their are so many factors in On Page SEO.

Social Media: To gain the high quality traffic always work on the Social website such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest,, Diggo etc. Post daily basis quality content on the related website’s Fan page.
Link Building: Work on your website on daily basis (Not in Bulk) to create the high quality back links, this will help you to rank your website on Google Top. If your website comes on Google Top then sure person will click on your website. So create the high quality back-links. To create traffic with the back-links Just do Forum posting ob relevant website. Business Listing, Classifieds Posting, Blog Commenting, Social Bookmarking, Blog Posting, Article Submission and Press Release. But ensure that, were content should be rich in keywords. Always, post on the website’s related website.
Analyse GWT and GA: Google search console is showing the details structure of your website about seo, so keep login and analyse your week point and bad links of the website to increase traffic and make them correct. Also, view the HTML Improvement and more types of issues.
Keywords: Always use that keywords which have large search terms from the targeted place. Choose long tail keywords and saturated keywords for your website and place them in website content and Article, blog content.
Always keep eye on your search terms, login to your Google Analytics and view the organic traffic, to find out from which keywords a customer are coming on your website and promote that keywords with other keywords.
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